USA Real Estate Seller Marketing Plan

Investing in real estate USA is easy if your chosen strategy is perfect. For this, consider the three P’s.

The three P’s to successfully selling a home into today’s market is 1. Proper Pricing, 2. Promotion, and 3. Standout Presentation.

Missing any of these three will leave you with an incomplete marketing strategy and will end up costing you money in the end.


My Marketing Plan

If you’re like most people, your home is your largest asset. Selling your home in USA or any other country is an opportunity for financial gain or loss. It can also be a big time commitment.

I am committed to helping you get the best price for your home and also saving you lots of time and frustration.

What’s My Home Worth??

Determining the right price is one of the most challenging aspects of selling a home in USA.

Price it too low, and you can end up leaving a lot of money on the table.

Price it too high, and you might not get any offers (and unnecessarily squander the first couple of weeks when your listing is new and therefore especially attractive to buyers).

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10-point Real Estate Marketing Plan

Actually, our marketing plan has a lot more than ten points. But here are ten great reasons to list your home for sale with me. Why settle for less?

  1. A Website Just for Your Home!

    Each of our residential listings gets its own website! No other agent or team in the Triangle creates a website for each home. I will design a site specifically for your home, and include a description, a full list of features, a lot of photos, links to nearby amenities, and we even upload a video! We also reserve a unique URL for your home based on the street address (i.e., and put it on all of our advertising.

  2. Video Tour

    Home buyers love to envision themselves in each home they look at. I make it a lot easier for them to see what it would be like to walk through your home by creating a video tour of each home we list. We’ll include the highlights and features of your home in each tour, and really give home buyers the essence of your home. When they see all that your home can offer them, they’ll surely want to visit in person!

  3. Top-notch digital photography

    A beautiful home will practically sell itself–but only if serious buyers come to see it. Nothing can get buyers through the door of your home like fantastic interior and exterior pictures–and the more, the better. That’s why our team is serious about digital photography. We have a professional photographer working exclusively with our brokerage! She takes a number of digital photos at each of our listings.

    The most important photo of all, of course, is the “curb view” of your home. Many buyers will make their decision on whether or not to view your home based on this single photo. Our photographer will often use a long, telescoping pole to get an “elevated” shot of the front of your home. And if it doesn’t turn out just right, he’ll re-shoot it!

  4. Enhanced Advertising on the Top Four Real Estate Web Sites

    Did you know that 84% of home buyers report using the internet to search for a home? (Only 31% use home books/magazines, and less than 5% use newspapers!)

    It is essential to list your home online, especially on the four biggest real estate search sites on the web:,,, and In fact, we pay a fee each month to enhance your listing, which will give your home more exposure at the top of search results, will give potential buyers more details about your home, will provide much more visual advertising for your home with additional photos and video tour, and will give buyers the opportunity to find out more by contacting us or by checking out your property website.

  5. Listing Syndication

    We use a service called a “listing syndicator” that pushes your home out to dozens of real estate web sites, such as Yahoo, Zillow, HotPads, HGTV, Vast, Front Door, and AOL.

  6. Social Network Marketing

    I post to social networking sites to get the word out about your home. We have profiles on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Google+. Using these sites is technically free, but it gives you a ton of exposure — especially to local folks!

  7. Free Staging Consultation

    To assist you in preparing your home for the market, we will offer you a free staging consultation from a professional stager! We’ll also walk through your home with you, making notes and giving you advice on repairs to make, cleaning tips, and more.

  8. Full-Color Flyers

    Every one of my listings gets a full-color flyer designed by me, which is used in various ways depending on the home. Most frequently, we distribute them to passersby in a weather-resistant box in front of your home.

  9. Fonville Morisey Realty

    Julian Jahoo is proud to be a part of Fonville Morisey Realty. Our company is truly the most progressive and exciting real estate firm in the Triangle. We have more than 800 licensed agents, and we are currently No 1 of the leading brokerages in the area in terms of market share. As a result, we have a tremendous supply of buyers every month of the year. While our agents are willing to sell any listing to our buyers, our company’s own listings naturally get special attention–if only because they are right under our nose! If you list with Julian Jahoo, your home will be in the limelight of one of the most active real estate brokerages in the Triangle.