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Closed property 01/15/2014 in Durham

I have worked with Julian as my Realtor twice, and I wouldn’t work with anybody else in the Triangle. He is always so attentive to my needs, listens and gives great guidance, has such a grasp of the market and knows how to negotiate.  And this is no small matter, as I work with realtors across three states, and Julian stands apart as the very best.

Scott Little – VP, Housing and Asset Management, 

336-885-5090 (office)
336-314-3531 (cell)



905 Arrowhead, Mebane, NC 27302 closed 01/11/2013

Julian is everything he says he is “honest, friendly, caring”.  His smile is intoxicating and genuine.  He cares for his clients!  I purchased a townhouse in Mebane; started to move and the government shut down.  For sixteen days I contacted Julian either by calling, texting, or emailing Julian about progress regarding shutdown.  Julian went above and beyond to make sure I got this townhouse, which I loved from the beginning!  Julian answered ALL my calls, texts and emails.  He “held my hand” through every step of the process, and for this I am ever grateful.  You couldn’t have a better Realtor on your side!  I will recommend Julian Jahoo to everyone for their buying and selling needs.  Additionally, my Seller “loves Julian Jahoo” as well.  He goes above and beyond what other realtors will do for their clients!

You can’t go wrong having Julian Jahoo on your side as your Buying or Selling Realtor”.

Karin E. Hopkins R.N. Duke Hospital

503 Scotney Circle in Durham 27713. HAFA short sale closed for $248k and $4k in seller paid closing costs!

Closed March 16th 2012

Julian is the best at what he does, plain and simple. He was oneof the first people we met after moving to North Carolina. He became not only our realtor but also a good friend. We had no clue where to look for a home and Julian took us by the hand and led us to the right area for our situation. When the time came for us to sell our home, we knew exactly who to call. We did not have a typical home sale due to several very unfortunate circumstances. We ended up having to short sell our home. Julian helped us navigate this confusing and frustrating time with confidence and assuredness. We had to move to Texas prior to selling our home and Julian basically took over the entire process in our absence. We could not have asked for a more personable, professional, and intelligent realtor. We would emphatically recommend Julian if you are buying or selling your home.

Drs. Laura and Clarence Williams,

Medical Director Urgent Care, 

Phone: 512.244.3822,

Mobile: 409.939.6591


Clarence E. Williams, II, M.D.

2000 S IH-35
Round Rock, TX 78681

Fax: 512.244.3824

Short Sale Closing of 2512 Pickett Rd in Durham
January 23rd 2012

We had tried to sell our house for 7 months while preparing to move out of state. When our house didn’t sell and my family moved we looked into a variety of options. After trying to rent the house for a few months we could no longer afford our mortgage and figured we would end up in foreclosure. We called our original real estate agent and she recommended Julian Jahoo as a colleague who had closed on several short-sales in the past year. I called Julian after he had had a chance to talk to my original agent and he was excited and ready to get to work on our house. Since he had so much experience with short-sales he was confident that we could get an offer the bank would accept. After about a month we had an offer and Julian got to work making sure all the right paperwork was in my hands and sent back into the bank. He kept me on track and took care of all the communication with the bank. It was really easy and a lot less work than I was expecting, especially since I was 2000 miles away. After 3 months we had everything wrapped up and our house was sold and we now no longer owe the bank any money. My family and I are really thankful for the outcome and Julian’s hard work on our behalf.

Andy Ommen

3938 Dover Rd in Durham, NC 27707 List price $1.2m
Closed in April 2011.

Julian was a hidden gem. We were randomly assaigned to him when we cold-called a realtor to see a house we liked. Little did we know who we were getting. He was helpful, responsive and incredibly dedicated to our cause – getting our dream home! As out-of-town buyers, he had recs for every nuance of our move, and personally facilitated so many things. We literally would have been lost without him. Please feel free to contact us if you ever have any questions regarding this wonderful person.

Duncan Hughes Plastic Surgeon at

701 Oxfordshire Lane, Chapel Hill, NC 27517 list price $625k sold in September 2011.

Julian is a terrific agent. He helped us buy our new home in a great location and at a great price. He is efficient, intelligent, prompt, and a great negotiator. Julian always came to our meetings professionally dressed and with a great attitude. He was willing to meet us at our new property before closing so we could take measurements and make plans for our furniture. I would recommend him to anyone as a great realtor and we are hoping to use his services again once we sell our home in a few years.

Chris and Kristi Komelasky

117 Lanier Valley Drive in Durham! Closed in September 2011

Eric Simmons

Selling my house in a short sale was the most emotionally exhausting and discouraging thing i have ever had to do. Even the cursory research that i had done before making the decision did not come close to preparing me for the reality it. I am; however, here to say that without the assistance and constant encouragement from Julian Jahoo of Fonville Morisey i would have certainly never completed the sale. More than a few times i told him i simply didn’t care anymore what happened to the house, that i just didn’t care if it went into foreclosure.

I live in PA and sold my house in NC in 3 months and Julian was there to walk me through every step. He scanned and emailed me every copy of every document i needed to sign so i never had to drive down to NC, or wait on the mail, or even go to the post office to return the documents. He made the process very fluid and as easy as he could for me. I could not have asked for a better agent to represent me given all the variables that he had to contend with in order to get the house on the market and ultimately sold. I am extremely thankful for all he did for me and very pleased with the timely closure to the entire process.

-Julian, hope this helps, and again thank you very much for everything. take care

Eric Simmons RN.

1010 Garcia Short Sale in Durham closed in 1 month with BOA
Closed Jan 2012

Julian was able to help us when no one else had. Our house had been on the market for over a year and had two short sales fall through with another Realtor. I had given up all hope that we could sell the house and was planning to go to Foreclosure, but with in one day of having the house on the market and hiring Julian,he had found a buyer, and within a month closed the sale. Originally the bank wanted a note and a cash contribution and Julian was able to negotiate them away! WOW!

I highly recommend Julian to anyone, and can’t wait to work with him again in the future.( I mean it!)


November 19th 2010.

I interviewed many realtors, and worked with another one for several months before I met Julian, so I had a fairly good sense of what I wanted and needed from my realtor.  When I met him, he was very relaxed, easy to work with and yet very professional, he carried himself with confidence, and he showed passion for his work and dedication to his clientele. He was fast, efficient, available, polite, and very knowledgeable about his field, from the first day until the day of close.  He worked well with other agents, lenders and legal teams involved in the sale of my home and never ceased to impress me with his kindness and grace in all negotiations.  I will always be thankful to Julian for all that he did for me, and I hope he will continue to help others in the same way for a long time to come. I cannot wait send him my friends and famliy when they are ready to buy or sell.

Melanie Walter

We met Julian Jahoo serendipitously as we were just begininng to question whether we wanted to move, and he was immediately easy to talk to and work with. We always felt like he listened to us and had our best interests in mind, yet kept the buying (and selling!) process as smooth — and even fun! — as possible. We would HIGHLY recommend Julian as both a buyer’s and a seller’s agent. We are convinced that no one would have worked harder on our behalf, and we are happy to now consider him our friend.

Awesome Service!
Home Phone (919) 403-8945

September 5, 2007

To Whom It May Concern: I am writing this letter to sing the praises of our realtor, Julian Jahoo. Initially, I was hesitant to hire a realtor for a number of reasons. I knew our house was in pretty good shape and in a desirable location. I didn’t want a realtor to come along, throw a “for sale” sign out front, and walk away with a hefty commission for little effort. However, due to our circumstances (we had already moved) we really didn’t have much choice other than to hire a realtor. Julian was recommended to us by a friend. I am pleased to say that hiring Julian is one of the smartest decisions we have ever made. To say that Julian was worth his commission is a huge understatement. Thanks to his expertise and extensive efforts, I believe we sold our house for considerably more than we would have otherwise and in a much faster time frame. If that were not enough, he made it all extremely easy. Julian takes his job very seriously. There literally wasn’t anything else he could have done to help us prepare our home for sale or to market it better. Julian gave us an honest perspective on our home’s strengths and weaknesses, and made suggestions about what we could do to make the home more appealing to buyers. When we needed it, he was always available to let in a contractor in. He even arranged help for us when we needed it and didn’t know where to turn. On top of all this, he and his wife staged our home beautifully! Our combined efforts, directed by Julian, made our house a true gem. I have always loved our home and thought it was special. Thanks to him, now every visitor saw this, too. We were truly proud to sell it. When it came time to market the house, Julian did research to present a complete and accurate picture of what our home and neighborhood had to offer. He created wonderful packets, complete with many pictures and thorough descriptions. These were carried through to the web, as well. He had realtors in to preview the home so they could inform their clients about it. Since we were away, he monitored the appearance of the home and alerted us to anything that needed to be addressed, such as a negligent lawn service. Lastly, he provided immediate and helpful feedback to us from those who viewed the house. Lastly, Julian, although new to the real estate game, is extremely knowledgeable. With very little effort he quickly and efficiently completed paperwork at each stage of the process, and knew the answers to all our questions. The entire process was literally seamless. All in all, I cannot recommend Julian highly enough.

Sincerely, Susan Hahn
Susan and Justin Hahn

“The graciousness of Spice Streets charming manager, Julian Jahoo, perfectly reflects Georges hospitable spirit”.

Metro Magazine

I think that Julian is great. I can tell that he is honestly doing everything he can to find the right home for me. I would recommend that anyone go to him.

Mitchell Carraway

Great ambassodor for Fonville!

Afshin Jaber

I recommend Julian to anyone, he goes above and beyond of anything I expected of a Realtor!

Beverly Hill

Julian, Professionalism, reliability and enthusiasm make for a great Realtor and you fit that description. You solved any problem that arose {lawn mowing} and turned it into a plus for us. Please thank your wife for the artful staging of the house after we moved out. You know the market and how to make a home appealing to prospective buyers. Your advice is sound and though sometimes it is painful to hear that a favorite thing needs to changed in order to have a more universal appeal, it is the right thing for the future sale of the house. Would we recommend you as a Realtor? Absolutely!!

Loisjean and Pete 919-384-2105


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